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Alwin can take your project from initial conception to a finished, reliably-functioning product.

We have a long and accomplished history in the manufacturing of superior Dispensing Systems - Alwin has over 25 patents!

machineAlwin uses 21 injection molding machines, ranging in tonnage from 60 to 900 tons; over half of the machines are equipped with Star Automation Robots. We can handle your largest and most complex projects!

Not only do we feature tool building and design, maintenance and molding... Alwin also offers many secondary operations. Such as assembly, sonic welding, hot stamping, in-mold decorating and many other operations.

Mold Building: In our tooling area, we can effectively machine your mold and perform routine maintenance and repairs. We work with you to develop a mold strategy - looking at cost, planning and other factors affecting your project. If you have existing molds and tooling, we can also evaluate, and work together with you to assist you in your manufacturing process.

We work closely with you and your Engineering Staff to design superior parts using advanced 3-D modeling systems, in the most cost-effective and effiecient manner possible. We can also work with you to select the best materials, and help develop and assist your production and related processes.

Alwin is EDI capable, shippingand also offers warehousing capability and planning. Working together with you, we can develop an inventory control and management program that allows you to effectively manage both your inventory and dollars.

We offer tremendous flexibility and have extensive export capabilities - we ship all over the world. We also have experienced offshore contacts for tooling and creation of component parts where appropriate.

Rely on us to meet all of your Dispensing System needs.

An Overview of Alwin's Capabilities

Alwin Capabilities