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Can you ship to Europe, Asia, Canada.. etc.?

Yes! Alwin has a world-wide customer base. We have extensive experience in handling the logistics of shipping, whether that's in the US, or any part of the world.

What is the battery life of the 235 and 245?

Approximately 100 dispenses per day for 2 years, or approximately 75,000 dispenses.

Do the 235 and 245 come with batteries?

They do not. Batteries add some weight, as well as cost and handling. We can work with you to include batteries if your particular application requires this.

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Do sunlight, lights on/off, reflections or glare affect the performance of the electronic units?

No, these issues will not affect the performance of our electronic dispensers.

Do you have any suggestions or comments regarding paper?

We are experts in dispensers, and our dispensers will work with most universal paper. However, due to the wide range of paper grades and strengths available, we always suggest testing of any paper used in Alwin Dispensers.

Electronic units are very "forgiving" with regard to various paper grades. Really thin paper can be an issue. In instances where appropriate, our customers are welcome to send paper samples here to do testing if preferred.

With mechanical hands-free and lever-type units, this can be more of an issue - good basis-weight with low stretch should be used. High stretch can be tough to cut and result in "chaining". Wet strength is also an important issue for mechanical hands-free dispensers.

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How are your products tested?

Alwin does a wide range of testing, far in excess of what would be typical in the field, to assure superior performance. We have documentation of our testing processes both internally and with major leading outside testing organizations. You can be assured that our products exceed even the most stringent testing requirements.

Can you modify Dispensers within your product lines?

Alwin offers a wide range of options: color, roll holders, imprinting, etc. We can modify exsisting Dispensers, but can also work with you at the earliest stages of product development in manufacturing unique, proprietary products to meet your needs.

What color combinations do you offer?

Colors vary from product to product. To see what colors are available, please go to the product that is of interest to you. Colors will be indicated there. Custom colors are available, please contact us for more information.

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Do you offer different size roll holders?

Yes, we offer a variety of roll holders, to accommodate a wide range of towel core sizes.

Can you put our logo on your product?

Yes, we can customize nearly all of our products with your logo. In appropriate minimum quantity, with applicable costs and adjustment in leadtime.

Are your products ADA-compliant?

Yes, most of our products are ADA-compliant; this can also depend on how and where they are mounted and installed. Inquire about a specific dispenser for more details.